Taras de Luanda


Taras de Luanda, co-authored by Luís Fernando and Portuguese writer Eduardo Águaboa, is a work that presents stories of Luanda’s past and present, an agglomeration of dreams added to dreams. The book is on sale at various locations in Angola and Portugal, with the copyrights reverting to the project Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo.


School Supplies Donation Campaign

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The project Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo begins today, on 22 May with a campaign to obtain school supplies for children and youths on the island of Mussulo, through which it will be possible to continue providing the children of Mussulo an opportunity to learn a trade and to be active members of society.


Happy Holidays

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Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015.

To all sponsors, volunteers, donors and financers our gratitude for the support given to the project Aldeia das Artes.

Help us build a happier Christmas.

Help us help others.


Profits from book sales to be donated to Aldeia das Artes

Gonçalo Afonso Dias has decided to gift the profits from the sale of his book to the Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo foundation The book is the result of his project “My Dream House – Work in Progress”. Gonçalo Afonso Dias believes that Aldeia das Artes, a non-profit social project, is growing in just the right way and has already produced significantly positive results.


Being a volunteer. Why?

Elisabeth Sousa, a volunteer at Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo told us why she joined this project.

“During my life I gradually came to understand what is truly fundamental for a heart touching experience…such as realising that giving is much more joyous than receiving. After an act of pure unconditional giving, we feel an intense power of Love. Whoever has not experienced this power is missing out on one of Life’s marvels…By being solidary we grow internally and can help whoever received the gift. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has made it possible for me to give!


A Sunday Drive with Aldeia das Artes


On the 16th of November, 50 children and youths from Aldeia das Artes were taken on a drive along Luanda’s ocean side road. With the support of Clube 1º de Agosto and Onda Sport Clube which provided two vans, Deskontão which offered food to prepare snacks, and Hotel Presidente which offered lunch, the children and youths had everything they needed for a day filled with fun play.


The first youths trained at Aldeia das Artes

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ADABES_formandos foto

Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo (The Arts Village – Kids from Mussulo)  began teaching vocational training courses on 10 March 2014 with support from the Ministry of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security (MAPTSS). In total, 54 youths will benefit from this initiative by taking occupational courses qualifying them for Food, Technician, Information Technology, Office Work and Fashion related careers.


A special day at Os Pitruquinhas Children’s Centre


On Global Cooperation Day, 12 children from the Aldeia das Artes project spent the day at Os Pitruquinhas Children’s Centre.

The children were accompanied by Augusto Daniel, António Francisco and Sandra Gomes from the Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo project. After arriving at the centre, they had a snack and were divided into three groups, of different areas, so that they could socialise with the centre’s children. The activities held on the 2nd of July included educational games, outdoor activities, music and a capoeira class held after lunch.


Mussulo children benefit from Aldeia das Artes project

All-in-all, over 1,500 disadvantaged children and young people from Mussulo Island benefit from the Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo project. Through this project, the children and young people can learn the skills they need to learn a trade and become fully integrated into society.


Support from various financers

In terms of financing, the project has benefited from a wide-ranging pooling of efforts. The 3,000 sq. M plot was given by Mussulo management, with the approval of Belas municipality.

The architectural project was given by the architect and finance for construction, USD 1.7 million, was fully provided by an individual and an Angolan company. The health centre was supplied by Consaúde, the IT room by Printel and the TV and internet service by Zap.


Aldeia das Artes launched in March

Some 50% of Mussulo’s population is under 20. Consaúde has decided to invest in these young people and has launched the Aldeia das Artes project, whose Christmas party brought together 2,500 children.


A Happier and More Giving Christmas

Taking advantage of the Christmas season, the managing company “decided to organise an awareness-raising event aimed at civil society. Nothing better than to raise awareness of the project and collect toys, clothes, stationery and food for children’s teas,” explained Ana Madaleno, project director to Sol.


Final phase in Aldeia das Artes Construction

The last phase in the construction of the Aldeia das Artes project finishes in November and it is due to open in February, in time for the start of the new academic year in March.

Only the last phase needs to be finished at this time, which consists of the sports field, lighting for the whole area and installation of water tanks. The computer room, library, refectory and kitchen, study room and health centre also have to be furnished and equipped.


Aldeia das Artes launched on Mussulo today!

The foundation stone was laid today, 21st April 2013, following the launch and photographic exhibition on 20th April at 7 o’clock at the Talatona Hotel. The exhibition will continue on show at the hotel until 28th April 2013.