Aldeia das Artes launched on Mussulo today!

The foundation stone was laid today, 21st April 2013, following the launch and photographic exhibition on 20th April at 7 o’clock at the Talatona Hotel. The exhibition will continue on show at the hotel until 28th April 2013.

The Aldeia das Artes concept came about as a result of a photographic tour by Gonçalo Afonso Dias through Mussulo and was developed by CONSAÚDE, LDA – Consultoria de Gestão e Administração em Saúde.

In terms of cost, Aldeia das Artes involves a first-year investment of USD 1.6 million and in USD 800,000 per year in years two to five.

As well as CONSAÚDE, LDA, the management of the project involves financers and private donors, representatives of the local community, associations and local government. CONSAÚDE, LDA is to provide 16% of the total, BESA 8%, ANJOG 4%, TCG and Printel 1% each. The organisation and management of the project can already count on the individual donations of financers, totalling some 12% of the total investment, with 58% still to be found.

The project can also count on the support of the Ministry of Housing and Tourism, MIMBU music school, Step Models, singers such as Nanuto and Nelo Carvalho and plastic artists such as António Ole.