A Happier and More Giving Christmas

Taking advantage of the Christmas season, the managing company “decided to organise an awareness-raising event aimed at civil society. Nothing better than to raise awareness of the project and collect toys, clothes, stationery and food for children’s teas,” explained Ana Madaleno, project director to Sol.

So, last Saturday, 2,500 of the 3,000 toys collected were given as the culmination of a 10-day campaign which also involved food, stationery and clothes.  As well as giving the toys, Consaúde, along with the companies and individuals who support and sponsor the project, organised a Christmas party for children under 14 with music, including a performance by singer Yuri da Cunha, and games.

Ana Madaleno emphasised that she hopes for continuity of the project, especially as students will subsequently be sent to schools off the island. “We are going to give support in collecting study grants and in 2015 begin financing microenterprises, so that the young people can perform the trades they learn in the community, therefore increasing their families’ monthly income and contributing to Mussulo’s overall sustainability” she said.

Older students, on the other hand, will be sent to training schools in Mapess, to learn about electricity, mechanics, painting or metalwork, amongst other trades. “We have already established a partnership with a catering company to provide training in patisserie and baking. A number of young people will also be responsible for training subsequent students,” adds Ana Madaleno.