Aldeia das Artes launched in March

Some 50% of Mussulo’s population is under 20. Consaúde has decided to invest in these young people and has launched the Aldeia das Artes project, whose Christmas party brought together 2,500 children.

When Consaúde looked at Mussulo, it saw more than just a paradise on Luanda’s doorstep with sandy beaches, sea-side palm trees and warm sea. This idyll easily hides problems locals have with drinking water and electricity supply, sewerage and rubbish collection. What’s more, some 40% of children are outside the primary school system and there is no school for children who finish year eight.

Many young people stop studying because their parents cannot afford to send them to Luanda every day and so they become vulnerable to alcohol and drug addiction and sexual exploitation. The population, estimated to be 12,600 (50% of whom are under 20), lives from fishing, subsistence agriculture, domestic work and transporting people and goods, especially at weekends, to the beach.

Consaúde, a company dedicated to management consultancy and healthcare administration, analysed this situation and launched a project to improve the lives of Mussulo’s population in general, and of children and teenagers in particular. Thus ‘Aldeia das Artes’ was born in the centre of Mussulo. It is an educational project for school-age children, with after-school activities in painting, photography, arts and crafts, music, dance and theatre workshops, as well as sports activities.