Support from various financers

In terms of financing, the project has benefited from a wide-ranging pooling of efforts. The 3,000 sq. M plot was given by Mussulo management, with the approval of Belas municipality.

The architectural project was given by the architect and finance for construction, USD 1.7 million, was fully provided by an individual and an Angolan company. The health centre was supplied by Consaúde, the IT room by Printel and the TV and internet service by Zap.

“Now is the time to find donors to create a transport network to take the children from the village and other schools in Luanda to the training centres,” says Ana Madaleno.

Aldeia das Artes is Consaúde’s great project which, in its role as manager, does not hide the “enormous challenge which lies ahead.”

“In 2014 and until the first young people are trained, we are going to be run off our feet. In conjunction with the activities in the village, IEK (information, education and knowledge) activity is going to take place in the seven community neighbourhoods to prevent the most prevalent endemic diseases, namely those of infancy, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as campaigns to prevent malaria, AIDS, alcoholism and drug addiction,” the manager adds.

In the future, and considering the high population of Mussulo, Ana Madaleno states that “considering that Aldeia das Artes has a capacity for 1,520 children a year,” they will need to “build another village elsewhere on Mussulo” in the short term, that is, as soon as funding is available.